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    Company Goal

    Dedicate to creating the most valuable life stage for employees and supplying the most competitive quality, price and service to customers .

    Company Mission
    Energy Expert and energy solutions to create value.

    To create the maximum benefits to our employees and customers

    Technical innovation as the foundation | Managerial innovation as the competitiveness | Service innovation as the bridge connecting customers

    Core Value
    1.Sincerity: Fact-oriented ; Do what one says; Don't talk big and talk empty ; Put an end to cheating
    2.Teamwork: Work together for the development of both individuals and company, for the satisfactions of clients, for the harmony and evolution of the society.;
        More collaboration; More communication; More sharing; Help each other
    3.Development: Training ; Veterans help the newly-recruited person; Target multipled ;Conclude experience. 
    4.Energetic: Keep happy mood; Sense of belonging; Hold more activities; Create happy and harmonious working environment
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  9. Shenzhen Company:6F, 2Bldg, Wandi Industrial Park, Xikenglao Village, Guanlan Str., Longhua dist., Shenzhen 518110, CN.
    Contact person: Mr Mike Sang (86)15989867480
    E-mail: info@ddzbattery.com

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